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Our Sports Support test panel helps aspiring young sportspersons to go to the next level and excel in their chosen sport by explaining to them various facets of their bodies’ mechanisms which are absolutely vital for sporting brilliance.

The most important risk a sportsperson has to live with is the risk of injury. Due to the physically demanding nature of sports, every sportsperson’s body is at risk of different kinds of injuries. But how great or small is this risk can be known from the study of the genes. After an injury, how much time would the body need to heal itself and get back on track is equally important. This information can also be gotten from the analysis of genes.

To see one’s child become a sporting superstar is the dream of many parents. For this reason they plan to provide sports training to their children from a very young age. But little does one know that many factors that determine whether a young child will excel in sport and become a sportstar is written in his/her genes.

Our Sports Support panel tests vital genes which deliver targeted information about the child’s body in sports-related mechanisms. Whether a child will excel in endurance sports (like Football, Marathon, Cycling) or whether she will be good at power sports (boxing, sprinting, weight-lifting) can well be deduced from this test. Also, information about injury risk, recovery potential, aerobic capacity and muscle fatigue threshold can be provided by this test.

All this information can then be collated to devise the perfectly customized diet, exercise and training regimen to help the child unleash her true potential and climb the pedestal of sporting glory.

This revolutionary test panel also provides vital information regarding aerobic capacity and muscle fatigue threshold, which help the sportsperson to better understand his/her body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. Targeting these areas, the nutrigenomic counsellor can devise efficient strategies for diet, exercise and training which help fuel the sportspersons body with the zeal required to excel in sports.

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