Oestrogen Balance-What Do We Do

Our Oestrogen Balance test panel helps females understand their genetic constitution, with regards to oestrogen imbalances. Research has shown that fluctuating oestrogen levels are a cause of concern for the female health as it is associated with risks including infertility and cancers.

Oestrogens are a group of female a hormone which are responsible for bestowing “femaleness” on an individual and gives females the exclusive gift of giving birth. The female body has its own unique ways to balance levels of oestrogen as and when needed. One of the major functions of oestrogens is to cause the thickening of the endometrial lining in the uterus to support the nesting of the fertilised ovum and subsequent development of the foetus.

The levels of oestrogen need to increase dramatically just prior to ovulation (release of the ovum from the ovaries) and then there needs to be a sudden decline in their levels for the ovum to release. If, however, the oestrogen levels fail to decrease, the ovum is not released from the ovary and it remains within it and forms a cyst. Thus, this could be a major reason for infertility.

Oestrogens affect cells by hastening their growth and multiplication. If oestrogens show this kind of activity in other regions of the body, where it is not required, they can cause cancers, like breast- and uterine cancers.

Through this test, the genetic tendency for oestrogen imbalances is found out and a diet strategy is devised to normalise such imbalances, which will ultimately result in the alleviating of cancer and infertility risks in the female.

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