Oxidative stress-What Do We Do

Normal biochemical processes in our bodies create potentially damaging chemical entities called “free radicals.” These are chemically charged unstable groups that attach with proteins and other structural and functional parts of the cells and cause irreparable damage to them. Our body has an elaborate mechanism to counter this chemical threat. It is known as the Antioxidant System.

Usually, the body produces sufficient amounts of antioxidants to counter the effects of oxidants. However, due to our current lifestyles, environmental pollution and unhealthy dietary choices, our bodies are in a state of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is when oxidants overwhelm the antioxidant system of the body. Oxidative stress is the cause of many health  complications and diseases.

Our Oxidative Stress Panel analyses genes that play a vital role in countering the effects of oxidants. Results will help us understand the deficiencies in your diet and will help us devise a diet that will support the antioxidant system in your body and supplement it where necessary.    

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