Lipid Metabolism-What Do We Do

Lipids, or fats, are an important part of our diet. They are a source of energy in times of fasting. There has traditionally been a lot of misinformation regarding fats due to their role in health issues like obesity and cardiac problems, to name a few. And yet, a well-balanced lipid metabolism is indeed crucial for the body to use it as a reserve source of energy and a host of other important bodily functions.

Our Lipid Metabolism test panel assesses genes related to proper transportation, utilization and storage of these important dietary constituents. Any mutations in the normal genes may lead to the wrong type of proteins to be formed, which in turn may impair normal lipid metabolism. This may have an impact on the health of an individual due to the increased risk of a health condition.   

The results of this test helps us to create the correct diet, exercise and supplementation regimen for you to eliminate disease risks and correct the imbalance of lipid metabolism.

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