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The ApoE Support panel analyses the ApoE gene in the body. This gene codes for a protein called apolipoprotein E. This protein combines with lipids (fats) in the body to form “lipoproteins.” One of the major functions of lipoproteins is to package cholesterols and other fats and carry them through the bloodstream. Apolipoprotein E is a major constituent of a highly specific group of lipoproteins called very low-density lipoproteins, or VLDLs. VLDLs are responsible for removing cholesterols from the blood and taking them to the liver for breakdown. It is widely known that maintaining normal levels of cholesterol is absolutely vital for protection against cardiac conditions, like heart attack and stroke.

The human population contains three variants of the ApoE gene. Differences in these gene variants create slightly different proteins, which in turn differ in their abilities to clear excess cholesterol from the bloodstream. Also, different forms of this gene are also linked to increased risk of certain debilitating diseases, like Alzheimer’s; or risk of cardiac disorders.

Knowledge of the gene variant through the test will help the nutrigenomic counsellor to devise appropriate diet and exercise regimen to support the function of the gene and ultimately, the protein to perform its functions to the maximum and alleviate the risk of any disorders that the person might have.

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