Unlocking the secret to “Your PCOS Diet”

Diet is the primary concern to resolve in women suffering from PCOS condition. You can also consider it as the default option that almost every doctor or health expert will suggest you consider. And why not, PCOS is a lifestyle disease majorly contributed by hormonal imbalance due to altered lifestyle, environmental exposure or genes. Let’s learn how diet can play a critical role in overcoming the menace of PCOS and what is “Your PCOS diet”?

As soon as someone talks about diet, we often think of it as a strict regime that is hard to follow and make you starve. But in reality, diet is not something that stops you from eating. Instead, it allows you to eat what you want but in an organized and proportionate manner. Similarly, as you must have guessed from the name, the PCOS diet is specifically for women facing critical symptoms of the condition. You can consider it as a comprehensive nutritional plan structured as per the personal goals and conditions to get the best outcome.

PCOS diet can be considered as a personalized diet, prepared according to your likes, dislikes and nutritional requirement of the body to help bring back the hormonal balance. If you consider the common reason for PCOS among the girls of childbearing age then it is mainly unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle. Imbalance in the intake of micro and macronutrients alters the underlying biological pathways, which later indirectly disrupts the estrogen balance. This is why it is of key importance to have proportionate nutrition on the plate in terms of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats.

If you are struggling with the issue of PCOS for long and finding difficulty in managing it then you must connect to our nutrigenomics counselors. At Genetic Healing, we have catered to many women facing difficulty in overcoming the challenges associated with PCOS. We follow a novel approach of gene testing that identifies the key reason responsible for hormonal imbalance in your body. This includes assessing genes playing role in Phase I/II detoxification pathway, carbohydrate metabolism, estrogen metabolism and much more. A thorough understanding at the genetic level allows our team to prepare a comprehensive exercise and PCOS diet plan for you. It follows simple and easy to follow remedies and daily food habits that you can stick to diligently, giving sustainable results. To know more about the PCOS diet, connect with our experts to seek a free consultation. The team will help you guide about the same, making your journey to overcome PCOS effortless and achievable.

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