If you or anyone close to you is suffering from PCOS then you will observe that hair thinning and subsequent hair loss is a very frequent problem. But do you know why does it happen? Why this problem becomes very severe in cases of women or girls suffering from PCOS condition? Well, the answer to this lies in your genes!

Genes and follicle sensitivity

Various scientific studies reveal that hair thinning is mainly caused by a genetic condition, which is inherited from either of the parents. In this condition, the follicles of the hair become sensitive to the androgens in the body. Though we all have these follicles, only a few of us show such reactive behavior in response to high androgen levels. Androgens are nothing but hormones present in all of our bodies. It is known to be predominantly present among men, often known as the male hormone. However, it is also present in a small ratio among women. Follicles sensitive to androgen, triggers the thinning response of hair, eventually leading to hair loss. This reduces the volume and length of your hair, eventually making your scalp more visible.

We all know that women with PCOS have an imbalance in hormonal levels. This often leads to high levels of androgen in the body triggering the follicle sensitivity to androgen. In women with little or no follicle sensitivity, hair may not be affected to an extent seen in women with sensitive follicles.

Is there a way?

It is very evident from the above understanding that women with PCOS will be prone to hair loss if they exhibit follicle sensitivity. The question arises – Is there a way? Can we overcome this issue? Is there any possible treatment that can slow down or manage the condition better? Well, the answer to this is yes. Here are some of the common treatment methods suggested by experts to overcome hair thinning and hair loss issues. However, always seek the advice of your concerning doctor and healthcare expert before undertaking any of these treatments.

Using Anti-Androgens:  One of the common treatments for reducing hair loss issues due to androgen sensitivity is to use anti-androgen. They are available both as oral and topical solutions. In severe conditions, it is suggested to use both oral and topical solutions for better results. the oral pills like Dianette, Spironolactone, and Yasmin are commonly suggested by doctors for women with PCOS. In the case of topical solutions, doctors suggest using a combination of both anti-androgens and hair follicle stimulant.

Healthy diet: If you are looking for a long-term solution then it is very important to consider lifestyle changes. One of the key points to note here is to bring significant changes to your eating habits. This includes skipping unhealthy food like oily snacks, junk, etc, and switching to healthy ones like green veggies, fresh fruits and more.

Regular exercise: Hormonal imbalance is the major cause of the PCOS condition and subsequently hair loss. Performing regular exercise such as cardio, walk, strength or as simple as meditation and yoga can bring significant improvement. These exercises help to maintain homeostasis in the body by channelizing positive changes. This includes creating a balance of biomolecules and biochemicals in the body, reducing the production of oxidative compounds like free radicals (A major cause for hair loss).

We know that PCOS brings a lot of complications into the life of the person suffering from it. But if one starts to take hold of their life and work upon healthy lifestyle changes, managing the PCOS condition becomes easy. So, start working upon your daily routine step by step and you will be able to see significant improvement.

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