Hormones and bacteria have a deeper impact on our health than we think. Both these factors have the ability to demolish our health. On the other hand, regulating the hormones can also boost the health.

Symptoms such as fatigue, skin problems, gaining or losing weight, sleeping problems, PMS, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS or other problems are a result of the problems of hormonal imbalance. In order to address these issues, it is necessary to solve the problems of hormonal imbalance.

Hormones are a result of a complex process and are dependent on fats and cholesterol. Hence, the lack of important elements from the diet can cause hormonal imbalance. Though the whole endocrine systems is a complex system, there are some basic steps that can be taken in boosting the ability to balance hormones.

Eat healthy

The human body is not simply to eat food prepared with the usage of food oils. Experts suggest that around 3% of the body is made of polyunsaturated fats, that are in 50-50 balance. Recently, with the use of saturated fats have replaced the oils in the diet. The oils have a vital power to provide proper functioning of the cells. This is important for proper hormone functioning. The seed based oils include canola oil, soyabean oil.

The excessive consumption of fatty acids does not provide the required vital elements, the proper functioning of the cells will not be proper. The cells literally do the work of being the building blocks of the body.

The fats are less stable and hence causes the oxidization of the body easily. This can lead to the inflammation and mutations internally. The inflammation can lead to arterial cells and reproductive cells.

It is advised that instead of vegetable oils and soybean oil, there should be the usage of coconut oil and other healthy sources.

Control Caffeine intake

Coffee is a famous drink and many love it. However, the over intake of coffee can cause harm to the endocrine system. Especially in a delicate time such as pregnancy, the presence of toxins can lead to severe damage. Doctors have advised to cut down on the consumption of coffee or drink herbal teas.

Ban harmful chemicals

Dangerous chemicals that are found in pesticides and cleaners have the ability to mimic the hormones and prevent the body from preparing real hormones. This can also act as a hormonal birth control. For someone who wants to conceive, this is a risk and has to be avoided.

Cook in glass or none stick pans and avoid storing food in plastic containers. Apart from cleaning chemicals, beauty products are also a source of chemicals. Minimal usage or total avoidance of the use of such products can help in achieving hormonal balance.

Adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary to balance the hormones. The lack of sleep will damage the balance of the hormones. When we sleep, the body works on removing toxins and generating hormones. Lack of sleep damages this process and can create hormone levels of the pre-diabetic source.

Avoiding artificial light post-sunset or using it for minimal time is one the best way to have adequate sleep. These simple steps can help one in balancing the hormones naturally. This will avoid further risk of other disease and one can live a healthy life.

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