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Pharmacogenomics is a science which studies your genes and helps you understand how your body will respond to any medication.
We inherit genes from our parents, these genes determine our characteristics such as hair colour, eye colour, blood group etc. Similarly, they also decide the way we respond to any medication.


Based on our genetic makeup, we may have varied response. Some medications may act faster or slower. Some medications may have threat of serious side effects while some may produce fewer.


psychiatry supportA comprehensive pharmacogenomic test for psychiatry medications. It analyses important genes and helps your clinician to identify and choose a safe medication and its dose, most likely to work for you. Also, avoid medications which are likely to cause side effects.

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cardiac supportProvides gene based ‘Precision‘ and ‘Personalization‘ in cardiac patients with reference to cardiac medication and medication class.

This genetic test is helpful in understanding the difference in the rate of drug metabolism in each patient.

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fertility supportFertility Support is India’s first comprehensive genetic test for reproductive health.

It is a pharmacogenomic guide which screens certain important variations in the genes associated with ovarian response.
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PCOS SupportPCOS Support is India’s first most comprehensive genetic screening program for holistic approach towards PCOS management.

It is a comprehensive genetic tool which unearths the underlying genetic causes of PCOS and its challenges such as obesity, insulin resistance, hyperandrogenism and anovulation (unability to produce mature ova).
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onco supportOnco Support genetic test includes cancer diagnosis and treatment guide based on genetic makeup. We offer Sanger sequencing and NGS based tests to detect different type of cancers and fine tune the treatment plans.

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How To Take A Test

  1. gene test puneCollect your saliva sample on your own, in our simple saliva kit.
  2. Inform us and we shall pick up the kit from your place.
  3. Detailed genetic analysis is carried out using the sample, in our DSIR (Govt of India) recognized advanced lab.
  4. Detailed genetic report is shared with you, to be used by the doctor.

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