One treatment is not suitable for all, is the major principle of personalized medicine. Even in diseases like cancer, tumors differ from one patient to another. It, therefore, makes sense that the cure should be different, as well.

Personalized medicine is also important for conditions. Apart from being more effective, a target-specific medicine can help avoid the side effects that come with standard treatments.

Modern Targeted Therapies

Personalized medicine needs two important factors. There has to be a clear understanding of the genetic variations and specific treatments that are precise for these variations. Cancer isn’t a single disease, but hundreds of different diseases, Beckerle explains.

Medical conditions like leukemia, cystic fibrosis, breast cancer, colon cancer, and more have targeted therapies for matching genetic sequences.

Precision medicine encompasses far more than genetics, currently, there are many types of research to collect health and genetic data. In the future, personalized medicine will involve bringing together the complete collection of one’s individual health information, including but not limited to your genes.

Success in Personalized Medicine

Goals for research in this field include creating personalized medicine and medical innovation by considering lifestyle, environment and the characteristics of the human body into account. This enables research for all sorts of diseases.

Participants who volunteer for such research can reap the benefits through the collection of their data about their own health. Alternatively, genetic testing centers like Genetic Healing can also give you a comprehensive data collection of your genome. Through such endeavors, analysis of genetic data can find effective treatments that are contrary to that of conventional medicine. And such tests are easily available and pose no risk or side effects to be worried about.

It is up to each person to take the first step towards ensuring that there is enough data available about themselves to handle unexpected health issues, with all possible treatment variants.

The Future of Personalized Medicine

Although it is very promising, there is still much to be learned in the field of personalized medicine. Research still continues especially on the resistance of drugs to the diseases. But there are not many options more effective than this, especially for serious diseases. So, if you or someone in your family member is diagnosed with a serious ailment like cancer, talk to your doctor about options in targeted therapies available for your particular type of ailments or new treatments that might be available through clinical trials.

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