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Diet can be effectively used for disease management

What is PersonalEaty?

PersonalEaty is an initiative by Resilient Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd and Genetic Healing, established for providing diet based solutions for management of several diseases. Right Diet plays a key role in controlling and managing many diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, cardiac diseases, skin diseases, PCOS, etc. PersonalEaty aims at providing you details of nutrients to be avoided that can aggravate a disease conditions and also the nutrients that can be used to avoid/ control a particular disease.

PersonalEaty is equipped with a team of well qualified and experienced Clinical Nutritionists/ Dietitians who can help you design your diet for controlling/ eliminating disease conditions. PersonalEaty experts are just a call away to provide you FREE Diet advice.

Diseases/ conditions that can be controlled by diet

Skin issues



Digestion issues

Gastric Problems

How it works?

Highlights of PersonalEaty Community?

Number of Patients handled by Genetic Healing

Number Disease conditions handled

Number of Consultants trained

Operates across all the cities in India

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