Don’t give your past the power to define your future”- This thought becomes more prominent among those who stronghold their commitment towards health goals. Have you ever found certain medicine not working for you? Ever wondered why it happens? The answer to this lies within your “Genes”.

Genetics governs the entire health of an individual and tendency towards diseases. PCOS is one such condition with complex hormonal disorder which affects 10 million women globally resulting in most common cause of infertility among women. This is where science of Nutrigenomics paves in, furnishing a more precise and successful treatment using Nutrition and Genetics. We at Genetic Healing work on principle of ‘Let food be thy medicine’. Our team of experts (Nutrigenomic Counsellors) traverses through cases that inflict the mind to bring exorbitant change in someone’s life. One such story of our patient (name not revealed) suffering from PCOS has left its marks in our mind, showing how Nutrigenomics can be highly effective in PCOS management and can be a leap forward in someone’s life.

Now, that you’re all caught up…let’s continue our cognizance over her journey …

The patient in this case study is a female, who is an aspiring doctor. Her struggle started 2 years back when she was diagnosed with PCOS. Irregular periods became new normal for her; she tried to balance it with medicines, but it didn’t relieve her from sufferings completely. Before she met us she was experiencing delayed periods for 6 month which became quite frustrating for her. But winners are those who don’t give up and hence, she took charge of her life and ended up to Genetic Healing. A dedicated team of Nutrigenomist helped her with Pre Test Counselling to suggest her appropriate genetic tests (PCOS PANEL).

Findings from Nutrigenomic test –

As per the Nutrigenomic report it was found that her detoxification genes were carrying a variation due to which both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification process were inefficient. The genes for Oxidative stress, lipid metabolism, fat gain, Increased BMI were also affected. The most noticing point was, In case of estrogen metabolism some genes were found to be affected which creates problem in elimination and also high impact of environmental factors on estrogen metabolism.

Nutrigenomic Solution –

The main pillar of this case lies with Nutrigenomic Counsellors who gave detailed inputs about her condition. So the genetic test cleared the mirror and helped Nutrigenomist to work on her weaknesses and Strengths based on her Nutrigenomic Report. They gave her a Personalized Diet and Exercise recommendations. She followed recommendations with full dedication and positive results can be seen just after 1 month. In follow up counselling she expressed following response –

I had a very good experience with Genetic Healing. I was suffering from irregular periods with a gap of 6 months but since I have started taking the diet and exercise suggested by Genetic Healing, I am having regular periods. So I am very happy and will definitely recommend this to each and everyone.

This was miraculous for her and though her symptoms were not fully alleviated, they became manageable. This gives an enormous leap forward for this woman’s health and aptness to cope day in and day out. Nothing in this world is more beautiful than helping someone find their true self, allowing them to live their life on their own terms rather being guided by some disorders.

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