Full Health Panel-Patient Testimonials

Name: Pratik Shah.
Age: 36 yrs
Occupation: Business

Home Page Line: “My hectic schedules made me worry about my health and complications in the future. I got the confidence of making the right choices for lasting wellness through Genetic Healing’s gene test.”

Being a businessman with a hectic lifestyle, I was lagging in the health department. I wanted to eat right and exercise well but tight schedules wouldn’t let me. I believed that if I got targeted and focused advice, I could do well. I thank my stars the day I found out about Genetic Healing. After the pre-counseling, I decided to go with the Full Health Panel. I took the panel for overall fitness and increase in muscle mass and weight.

I received highly personalized diet and exercise recommendations that helped me eat right and work out according to the exact requirements of my body. I was also successful in decreasing my homocysteine and uric acid levels, which I was told could be bad for my health, if unchecked. I also find that there has been an increase in my energy levels. I now take the day head on with renewed vigor and confidence that only deep knowledge about your body can give.

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