Cardiac Panel-Patient Testimonials

Name: Atul Deshingkar

I took the Weight Loss test from genetic Healing. I happened to find you on the internet when I was desperately looking for an easy and sure shot way of losing weight after failing on many other fronts, like diet + gym, protein diet + ayurvedic medicines, and gym (with a trainer) and diet. Using all of these methods, I did lose weight, however, the weight loss came with a new health issue every time. This changed my focus on the health issue. Due to changed focus, I gained weight again.

The Weight Loss test I took was more out of curiosity as to how my genes affected my weight. The process was smooth and professional. The dietician assigned to me explained about my genes and their effects. This explained why I remained overweight and why I had a tendency to gain weight. She gave me a diet plan suiting my lifestyle and it worked wonders for me! I started losing weight with little efforts on diet control and she continuously encouraged me and changed the diet plan as needed, which helped me further to continue the weight loss.

Also other associated parameters improved with time and weight loss. I lost 14 kgs in just 6 months which I believe wouldn’t have been possible with other methods. I was not on any fad diet and was enjoying my health too. I have set my goals for the year 2017 and I am sure that with knowledge about my genes, I will achieve them. Thanks a lot, Genetic Healing.

I’d like to add that the vast majority of people are really unaware that such a technology and tests exist. Also the dieticians in hospitals and health clubs and gym are not aware of this. Surprisingly enough, many doctors are unaware of this field which I believe is a foolproof way to achieving long lasting health. I can say this is a breakthrough and cutting edge technology available for health improvement and should reach as many people as possible for them to reap the fruits of this insight.

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