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Bone Health Panel-Patient Testimonials

Bone Health Panel -  Patient Testimonials

Name: Sachin Nagrale
Occupation: Business

Home Page Line: “Being a fitness enthusiast, I always felt that I was not exploiting my potential to the fullest. With Genetic Healing’s gene test, I know my inherent strengths and weaknesses and have created a roadmap for lasting health and total fitness.”

I am a businessman and as with other businesspeople, it really is hard for me to set a schedule for regular things in life. I did however always found time to workout and stay fit. But I always felt that something was missing. I thought I should know more about the stronger and weaker areas of my body so that I can concentrate on them to get even fitter. I found the Genetic Healing gene test. Although I do not apparently have any health issues, I chose the Health Panel as I wanted to have a comprehensive information about the various aspects of my health.

I got personalized diet and exercise regimen and now I can focus on my weaknesses to turn them into my strengths. I am also confident of avoiding any future health issues. I recommend this test to anybody who is serious about his or her health and wants to make significant changes to the way they live and enjoy life. Thanks, Genetic Healing.

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