Obesity is one problem that has been bothering a lot of people since a long time now. We all know that obesity means that the body contains excess body fat. In case of adults, those above the age of 35 and have their Body Mass Index (BMI) crossing the mark of 30, are considered as obese. However, obesity is not just limited to adults now. These days, even children have been affected by obesity. Here we take you through the general information about obesity, the causes of obesity and where does India stand in case of obesity. This phenomenon is global. As per a data by the Obesity foundation of India, about 30 million Indians are obese. It is predicted to double in the next 5 years.

As said earlier, the Body Mass Index (BMI) decides if a person is obese or not. The BMI is a measure of an individuals weight in kilogram divided by the height in centimeters. The BMI is not for calculating the percentage of body fat in a person. However, it is an indicator of how much weight is healthy or not.

Causes of obesity

On a broader scale, obesity is a result of excess intake of calories over a larger period than burnt. The excess calories are stored by the body as fat. Obesity is mainly caused due to behavior, environment and also because of genetics.


These days we catch up unhealthy behaviors at the blink of an eye. Here, behavior deals with one’s choice of food. Most of the times, our diets are extremely rich in terms of calories but lack the essential nutrients. This causes the increase in the amount of meal at home and also when we eat outside.


The surrounding or in other words, environment plays a key role in the habits and lifestyle of anyone. Today’s society has taken up a lifestyle that is sedentary. We have taken to driving cars and declined the amount of walking. Our basic physical activities have been replaced by technology and for us, fast food has become the synonym of nutrition. All this causes obesity. It has been scientifically proved that genetics has played a role in obesity. There can be certain disorders in the genes that can lead to obesity. However, not everyone becomes obese.

Effects of obesity

Socially the effects of obesity are equivalent to worst. The most painful part of obesity is the emotional pain through which one has to go through. People who are obese generally face a lot of prejudice and at times discrimination. Those who are obese are considered to be less competent and lazy by their colleagues. At times finding a job becomes a bit difficult for these people.

Apart from individuals, obese children face a lot of hurdles- harassment, bullying and at times they can be rejected from peers. Exposure to obesity at a young age is a negative stigma.

Resistance to medication

It is widely observed that obese patients are at times unwilling to go for medical care and even delay taking a preventive step to avoid further problems. All this can result in causing severe problems for the individual. Hence, obesity is not to be considered as a man-made problem. In fact, it is a chronic medical condition like diabetes, heart diseases, certain types of cancer and gallbladder disease that damage the person health.

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