Nutrigenomics Counsellor
Dr. Geeta Dharmatti

Dr. Geeta Dharmatti, Chief Nutrigenomic Counsellor

Dr. Geeta Dharmatti is the Chief Nutrigenomic Counsellor of GeneSupport. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietietics from Nagpur University where she won the Gold Medal for topping her M. Sc. Examinations. She also holds a Doctoral Degree in this field. She is a Registered Dietitian and topped the Special RD Examination by IDA board in 2012.

She also serves as Director of Geeta Nutriheal, a Nutrition Services Consultancy. She serves as an Executive Member of the Indian Dietetic Association and as a Nutrition Expert of the Protein Awareness Campaign for Poultry India. Dr. Geeta’s major research areas include Enteral, Parenteral, Obesity, Diabetes, Pediatric and all Therapeutic Nutrition, Corporate Nutrition, School Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition Research and Academics and Nutrigenomics.

She is the recipient of many awards including “Best Paper Award for Practising Dietitians” at IDA Conference in Hyderabad in 2008, for her paper “Incidence and Recognition of Malnutrition in Hospitalised Set-up.” she has presented papers at National Conferences of IDA from 2009 to 2012.

Dr. R. D. Dixit, Chief Sports Genomics Counselor

Dr. R. D. Dixit has been Working in the field of Sports Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition since last 23 years. He is a trained physician (MBBS)and also holds PG Diplomas in Preventive & Promotive Health Care and Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics. He is certified In Sports Medicine.
Dr. Dixit also serves as a Fitness Consultant for the Health Centre at University of Pune. He is a Faculty Member of the Pune University Health Centre for Yoga Course and is also a Fitness Consultant for the Diabetic Association of India, Pune Chapter.
In the past, Dr. Dixit has worked as Consultant in Sports Medicine for Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, President of Sports Medicine Association of Pune and Executive Committee member of Indian Association of Sports Medicine, New Delhi. He has provided medical back-up services for All India Level Sports Meet of Indian Ordinance Factories held at Ammunition Factory, Khadki. This event was organized by Ministry of Defense, Government of India.

Dr. R. D. Dixit
Dr. Kedar Joshi

Dr. Kedar Joshi, Medical Director

Dr. Kedar Joshi has a vast experience in the field of  Clinical pharmacology and medico-marketing for over 20 years and started working in Pharmacogenomics since last 5 years. He is Masters of Doctorate in Pharmacology. Currently he serves as a medical director at Resilient Cosmeceuticals, GeneOmbio Pvt. Ltd. , and Genetic Healing.

He also holds the position of Head of clinical operations at Hanul Medizin and Assistant Director clinical research at Institute of Infectious Diseases.

His area of research is Pharmacogenomics and Infectious diseases. He has attended many international conferences and having several national and international Publications.

Aditi, Head Nutrigenomics Counsellor

Aditi is a fitness and lifestyle modification consultant with over 5 year’s of experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition.These exciting five years have been full of numerous interactions with people where her experience as a therapeutic nutritionist has helped them overcome various medical problems through simple lifestyle modification techniques coupled with a customized diet and exercise regimen. She also uses her expertise as a Nutrigenomics Counselor to help individuals through a personalized approach to health.

Aditi is passionate about keeping track of all the latest developments in the world of Nutrition and Fitness. She has attended various seminars and symposia in all major Nutrition and Fitness Forums in India. Her aim is to share her knowledge and insight into making people healthy through a customized regimen. Aditi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She specializes in gene-based fitness through personalized diet and lifestyle modification.


Dt. Yamini Naik, Nutrigenomic Counsellor

Yamini is a dietitian expert, received her Post Graduate diploma in nutrition & dietetics and B.Sc. in food technology management & nutrition from Shivaji University, Kolhapur respectively. She started her career in field of Nutrition & Dietetics from her college days by participating in long term internships. She is practicing in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics from 2015 and has gained profound working experience in carrying clinical research studies & pediatric counseling. She also specializes in Gene Based Fitness through Personalized Diet and lifestyle modification.

She currently works on effect of different modern diet habitats of Gene for individual fitness improvements. She actively participates in seminars, symposia in field of Nutrition & Fitness Forums of India. Yamini use her skills in Nutrition and Fitness where she helps people improve their relationship with food and their bodies so they can show up for what matters most in their life. She also creates awareness among clients on adaptation of different modern food consumptions as per their body requirements. Yamini is dedicated towards her profession, and is keen in learning and updating herself in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Ms. Shruti Aswale, Senior Nutrigenomics Counsellor

Shruti is a Clinical Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator, Lifestyle Modification Consultant, and Sr. Nutrigenomics Counselor with Gene Support. She has 4 years of experience as clinical Dietician with reputed multi-specialty hospitals &holds a masters degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences and also a PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Shruti is keen about knowing her clients thoroughly as she believes that the solutions are hidden in the history(or details)of every individual and any health issue can be managed if the root cause is identified. She is an expert in providing gene-based personalized diet recommendations for fitness. Being an active participant in various seminars as well as nutrition and fitness forums, she keeps her knowledge updated in terms of new developments in the field of nutrition.

Her aim is to help individuals understand what is fit for them and help them follow the suggestions to the maximum extent.

Shruti Aswale

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