Nutrigenomics- What Do We Do

Nutrigenomics is an exciting new field which holds the promise of health and wellness through subtle, but targeted, dietary interventions which are based on solid genomic research. Research suggests that Nutrigenomics could well define how we look at our food and our response to the various chemical components of it. Research tells us that our genes are actually influenced by what we eat and they respond accordingly leading to the body becoming susceptible to various disorders and lifestyle ailments. A diet is now no longer a generic thing to be prescribed to an individual to help him control weight or other health issues and pray that it works. It is a more personalized process where the diet is designed according to the genetic makeup of the individual, negating the chemicals that would potentially make the person susceptible to various disorders, thereby gifting the individual with lasting wellness.

Using state-of-the-art genomic testing, we test your DNA after understanding your medical history, data and any health conditions or problems you might be facing. A comprehensive genetic report is created that helps the Nutrigenomic Counselor to devise a customized diet and exercise regimen, along with lifestyle modifications especially for you.


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