There is no doubt about the array of treatment available for curing PCOS condition. But the question arises- Are these treatment effective? Do traditional methods have a long-lasting effect? Well, the answer to these questions is debatable as different people respond differently to various treatments. For long, scientists were trying to understand this relation of differential response to provide a better-personalized solution for PCOS treatment.

Meanwhile, questions were raised like – Is there any tailor-made solution specifically for people to overcome PCOS? Well, the answer was soon found in the new field of science known as ‘Nutrigenomics’. For long, it was known that what we eat and our genes govern how we respond. It was Hippocrates, who mentioned, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” in early 400 BC. The quote emphasizes the importance of nutrition to cure diseases. In light of these many studies have been carried out to understand the interplay of genes and nutrition to provide a personalized solution for PCOS treatment.

Role of Nutrigenomics in PCOS

Nutrigenomics is the field of science which helps in treating the condition by providing you a tailored diet and exercise recommendation according to your DNA/genes. Let’s understand this with a very basic example of PCOS management. You will find that few people response actively to a particular diet or treatment method while others don’t. The reason for this lies in their genes. There are certain changes in the genes of these individuals which controls the biological components involved in PCOS management. These changes are nothing but a certain mutation in the genes also called single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). These mutations can have both positive and negative impact. In nutrigenomics, scientists study these mutations in your body with the help of simple genetic test.

The genetic test gives a deeper insight into the factors contributing to PCOS. Here are a few factors which are considered during nutrigenomics based PCOS treatment:

  • Factors contributing to oestrogen metabolism
  • Impact external environmental factors on genes
  • Understanding of detoxification pathways
  • Any associated risk of diseases if persists
  • And more


Depending upon the results of your genetic profile, the nutrigenomics counsellors then devise personalized diet and exercise guidelines. The question may arise that how come nutrigenomics based diet and exercise recommendations differ from the normal ones. Well, the normal diet charts and exercise recommendations are too generalized, whereas nutrigenomics based recommendations are highly personalized i.e. it will be highly targeted towards your body type. The counsellors first take a detailed session to understand your daily lifestyle, your weaknesses, and strengths. The experts then prepare a comprehensive plan that suits both your body and normal regime, making it easy for you to follow the entire plan.

Way Ahead

We all are aware of the various myths associated with PCOS treatment. The evolution of nutrigenomics science breaks apart those myths with its sound results. Moreover, it is often said that we should not follow anything without credible backing. However, you will glad to know that the nutrigenomics based recommendation have been scientifically backed by many research globally. So, take a step ahead to transform yourself into a healthy being because – We Are What We Eat.

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