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Personalized Health Care – Need of the hour


Almost every dietetic expert must have experienced that the “One size fits all” Approach may not work in dietetics. There is a need for customization of diet , exercise and lifestyle related recommendations based on individuals characteristics and body requirements.

Personalization in diet , exercise and lifestyle recommendations has been documented to be useful in managing stubborn and resistant cases of many lifestyle related health issues such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiac Diseases, Gastric distress, PCOS and so on. The need of hour presently is to understand individual strengths and weaknesses in metabolism and

How will this Workshop enhance your knowledge?


This workshop is aimed at educating on the basic aspects of genomics, role of nutrigenomics in lifestyle disorders, future of nutrigenomic research etc. The workshop will have experts sharing their expertise and experiences on the various aspects of Nutrigenomics in the form of lectures, discussion of case studies, panel discussion.

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Date of Workshop:

10-12 September, 2018   

Timing of Workshop

9:30- 17:00


Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences, 3rd Floor, Symbiosis Institute of Technology building, Lavale, Pune

Trained Dietitians

Centers across India

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