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Name: Mustafa

Detailed: Being a businessman, my work schedules are not definite. Due to poor dietary choices and unspecific meal timings, I suffered from a variety of health issues acidity, bloating and many other problems that used to affect my mental and physical condition and also affected my work. I used to visit doctors very often and used to get medications that were effective for a short period of time. But then the problems would start again. Then I heard about a genetic test, and how it can help overcome many health issues. When I did some research about it I found the best and affordable place to get it done from. I contacted Genetic Healing. After the test, I got to know that the root cause of my various problems was my Gluten Intolerance. My counselors recommended a diet with little to no gluten intake. I cut down on my chapatis and within only a couple of days, started seeing results. Now I work happily with no health problems at all. I know what kind of lifestyle I need to lead. Thanks to Genetic Healing for helping me get rid of the health issues I had.

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