We are not unknown with the fact that healthy habits are the need of time. Thanks to the changing way of life that is leading to lifestyle-associated diseases such as PCOS. This is the reason that the wellness industry is coming ahead to help people overcome the menace of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, cardiac issues and more. This even stands true for those suffering from a hormonal disorder like PCOS. For women with PCOS, support like regular meditation is considered paramount in reversing the symptoms of PCOS.

Many people raise questions on the effectiveness of meditation in PCOS, this is due to the lack of significant awareness among people. Moreover, meditation is known to cure the symptoms indirectly by regulating the biochemical components at different levels in our body. However, some studies highlight the importance of meditation in overcoming the symptoms considerably among women. Let’s unfold this and understand in more detail how meditation helps in PCOS.

Helps maintain blood glucose levels…

Meditation helps your body to relax, which can indirectly improve the sensitivity to insulin receptors. This helps in regulating the excess of glucose in the blood-stream and controlling sudden erratic peak in the blood sugar levels. Many studies are in pipeline which suggests that meditation and yoga if performed regularly can help women keep disease like PCOS away. Specifically, when it comes to healthy blood sugar levels, regular meditation also helps to keep you at distance from other associated diseases like type-2 diabetes, weight issues, Alzheimer’s and more. One such study implicating the role of meditation in insulin sensitivity has been published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences.

A better immune system…

It is very prominent that a better immune system helps protect us from the biochemical initiators of disease. However, it is also very evident from various studies that conditions like stress, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, etc can turn down the immune system, making it difficult to curb the debilitating symptoms of diseases like PCOS. There have been research studies which indicate that meditation can have a profound positive impact on women suffering from PCOS. Though there are many reasons for this, one of the crucial reasons is it curbs the stress, which is considered to be the major cause behind the weakening of immune system functioning.

Improved digestive system…

Most of the women with PCOS are also known to be diagnosed with poor bowel system. This happens mainly when the digestive enzymes do not work at their optimum leading to improper digestion. Research studies have shown that regular meditation exercise helps digestive enzymes to work at their optimal rate. This happens because meditation helps to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) of your brain. Whereas, in the absence of meditation and presence of stress conditions, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), also known as stress systems gets activated. PNS helps the body to recover from the damage caused due to stress by promoting restorative activities. This helps to reduce the harmful oxidative species in the body generated due to stress which forms the major cause for many of the symptoms of PCOS.

PCOS is a condition of hormonal disorder which occurs mainly due to an imbalanced lifestyle. To bring significant changes and overcome its symptoms, regular meditation can be of great help. This is the reason many PCOS experts and counsellors suggest women to perform regular yoga and exercise like meditation. It calms and relaxes the body, bringing the internal biological system to normalcy and homeostasis. So what are you waiting for? If you or your loved ones are suffering from PCOS, do suggest them for regular meditation. Move ahead today, to prevent the struggles of tomorrow.

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