Looking Inside Genes for Solutions to Chronic Health Problems

Genes Are Providing Answers to Chronic Diseases

Personalizing Therapeutic Strategies through Genetic Analysis

Conventional medicine has been vastly successful in treating acute health conditions and reducing the load of infectious diseases. It has unfortunately failed remarkably in its efforts to help humans in managing (or treating?) chronic health conditions. Most chronic conditions like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. are a result of our current lifestyles. Bad dietary choices and sedentary habits create imbalances in the fine bodily processes that lead to these chronic conditions. And yet, conventional treatment focuses only on clinical management of the condition.

The main reason for the failure of current treatment/management strategies for chronic diseases is the “one-size-fits-all” way of addressing the problem. What works for one person might not work (or even harm!) the other. If every human being is genetically unique, why shouldn’t their conditions be treated differently?

Another reason for treatment failures is non-adherence to recommendations and prescriptions by the patient. Not complying with the set therapy is a major reason for failure of the treatment. So how do we address these problems? Do we have a solution?

The solution lies in looking at every individual as a unique entity with a unique set of genes. Genes are functional and structural units of our DNA, the Master Molecule of Life. It is these genes that make us look similar to our parents and dissimilar to anybody else. An analysis of these genes help us create highly targeted treatment regimen for every individual, increase success rates and reduce the risk of side effects of treatment procedures.

That is exactly what Genetic HealingTM is all about. Genetic HealingTM is based on Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics. Nutrigenomics is the science that deals with the relationship and interplay of foods with our genes, while Pharmacogenomics is the science that looks at the efficacy and response of a medicine in an individual’s body.

Genetic HealingTM brings the research-backed science of genetic testing for risks of chronic diseases in an easy-to-use “E-clinic” module. Instead of marketing our services on the basis of fear and hope alone, we believe in recommending our services only to those who really need them. To assess whether you really do need a genetic test, we assess your medical history and data through a team of highly qualified experts and a comprehensive protocol that we have developed through the years. If we feel that you need a genetic test and a subsequent nutrigenomics intervention, we recommend you a test from our list of services. The initial assessment, recommendation and pre-counseling is free of cost. There is no obligation on your part and you have every right to decline our recommendations and seek fresh opinion from other experts.

Once the test is done and recommendations for diet and exercise (and medication, if need be) given, we make sure that there is adherence to the regimen. We do this through a mobile app that lets us have a constant hand-holding with you. The app stores all your personal information and recommendations which can be accessed at the click of a button.

At Genetic HealingTM, we endeavor to not only provide genetic testing results but also suggest a customized diet and exercise regimen. We will also recommend practical suggestions, alternative therapies and supplements for your health conditions. Genetic HealingTM is not just a consumer-facing platform. We have trained over 600 dietitians and doctors in Nutrigenomics and have helped them use the exciting possibilities of nutrigenomics in addressing chronic diseases in thousands of patients.

With Genetic HealingTM we strive to make practical use of innovative technologies and knowledge of the human system for the betterment of humankind.

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