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ApoE-Important Research

ApoE-Important Research

Enzyme treatment of gene may reverse effects of Alzheimer’s

The APOE gene is a promising target for therapeutic approaches to Alzheimer’s, says a researcher, describing new work.

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A surprising new role for ApoE offers explanation for its diverse range of effects, particularly in Alzheimer’s

Apolipoprotein E enters the nucleus and binds to promoter region of 1700 genes, report scientists. Seventy-five million Americans are ApoE4 carriers, putting them at increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, and another 7 million carry two copies of ApoE4, giving them an even higher, 10 — 12 fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

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Scientists find increased ApoE protein levels may promote Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have enhanced our understanding of how a protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease keeps young brains healthy, but can damage them later in life — suggesting new research avenues for treating this devastating disease.Share:

Mechanism Explains Link Between Apolipoprotein E And Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown mechanism by which apolipoprotein E, a molecule whose mutation is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, stimulates degradation of sticky amyloid beta protein within the brain. The research may lead to a powerful new therapy for this devastating disease.

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