Obesity is when the body has a lot of fat. It definitely causes the problem to the body. Those who are severely obese are more likely to get affected by other diseases. They are diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. Such diseases along with obesity lead to the decline of health. Such disabilities can even lead to death. Here are some of the problems that come up with obesity.


Type 2 diabetes is the outcome of obesity. Those who are affected by obesity or even at times severe obesity are said to be 10 times more vulnerable to the type 2 diabetes. This disease is capable of causing the death of the individual. Also, the type 2 diabetes can lead to amputations, heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease and even impotence. Diabetes also leads to a major risk factor that brings in high blood pressure. It is also known as hypertension. Almost 3 out of 4 are directly related to obesity and diabetes. Hypertension also increases the risk of some of the other diseases.

Heart disease

Around 17 million people are killed in India as a result of heart disease. Experts believe that obesity is one of the many risk factors for heart disease. Studies have shown that the risk of having heart disease increases with the increasing obesity. Those who suffer from severe obesity are prone to suffer from coronary artery diseases. Obesity also increases the risk of getting a heart attack.Obesity also brings in the risk of having a heart failure. It causes irregular heartbeats that almost triple the risk of having a cardiac arrest.

Respiratory problems

The lung capacity of those who are obese is very low. Such people are at a higher risk of suffering from respiratory infections. Obese people are more prone to be affected by asthma and other respiratory disorders. As per a research, asthma is at least 3,4 times common among people suffering from obesity.

Alzheimer and Kidney issues

Researchers have found out that obesity during the middle age is a leading contributor to the conditions that increase the risk of Alzheimer during the later stage of life. Also above mentioned hypertension and type 2 diabetes are the leading contributors to kidney diseases and ultimately failure of the kidney. Apart from kidney diseases, obesity is a major cause of fatty liver and also non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This results in the fatty liver disease which leads to scarring of the liver, causing its malfunction.

Hence on a broader scale, obesity has a long-lasting impact on the body. However, most of the complications as a result of obesity can be either avoided or cured using tips that can reduce the weight. One such way is Nutrigenomics, and we will take a look at it in the coming blog.

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