While everyone knows that regular exercise is exceedingly important for maintaining good health, what is not as well-known is the fact that your DNA is a major factor in how much your workout is effective in accomplishing your fitness needs.

If you have been going to the gym, but not seeing any real results for your efforts, it could be the diet, or that you are exercising the wrong way, or your genes might be responsible in holding you back, which might discourage you from following your fitness dreams.

Role of Genes in Exercise

Our bodies have specific genes that determine the effectiveness of aerobic fitness, muscle power, and the bodies reaction to physical training. For those people who lead sedentary lives, the genes are a 100% responsible for the fitness of the body in reaction to lifestyle. While this reduces to 50% in athletes, genes still play a very significant role in fitness.

So, one will notice that even though they are doing the same exercise and following the same diet plan as their friends, the results will nearly always differ. Therefore one may end up fitter than the others, because you may have genes that promote muscle growth rather than stamina in comparison to your friends, or vice-versa.

Genetics has always been one of the tougher fields to crack. Every person has 20,000 genes and only a small amount of these have been deciphered so far. However, with the advent of nutrigenomics advances in understanding genes related to fitness has risen a lot in recent years.

Experts now have the tools to study the human genes with a degree of preciseness that was never available before. It is only a matter of time before every aspect of human lifestyle could be planned and customized according to the person’s DNA.

What You Can Do

So, with this mind how can you take advantage of your genetic composition? It’s really quite simple. Visit a good genetic testing center like Genetic Healing, and through a simple saliva swab test, done by experts, learn about your DNA makeup and have a consultation with a fitness expert there to design the best workout plan for your body, and follow it strictly.

It is important to remember that no matter your genetics, training your body will definitely show an improvement. So, get yourself a home DNA sample kit from Genetic Healing now and take a strong step towards the fitness goals you have always dreamed about.

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