Hair Loss Prediction Female-Patient Testimonials

Name: Mrs. Laxmikanta Mane

I have sensitive skin and it gets irritated pretty easily. This irritation usually gets worse during the dry winter months. I also had accompanying digestive issues. I tried many remedies, from conventional to Ayurvedic to many alternative therapies. But nothing really helped me for long. I got to know about Genetic Healing and its novel way of looking at health problems.

After my initial counseling with a very knowledgeable and delightful Counselor, I chose to get the Health Panel test done. I got my results and recommendations and started following them religiously. Since my skin irritation starts during the onset of winter months, I was recommended Vitamin A supplementation which I have been taking for close to two years. I also take Folic Acid Tablets. I feel that my skin is in far better condition than before. It’s less dry and has gained a new suppleness that was missing before. My BMI, fat percentage and muscle strength shows a significant improvement.

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