Genetics Testing and Weight Loss Program

Genetics Testing and Weight Loss Program

Genetics: A Way Out of Weight Gain

Weight loss can be an exhausting ordeal that requires tremendous levels of willpower, patience and a controlled diet along with physical exercises. Being overweight immediately puts one under public scrutiny, with snide comments and unkind looks from all and sundry.

No matter how many times you alter your diet or how many strenuous hours you spend in the gym, you simply do not lose as much weight as you expect.

Owing to our lifestyle and a far from perfect work-life balance, chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity are a common sight these days. While this is one contributing factor, the other one is our genetic make-up. Right from the color of our eyes to the possibility of disease development, our genes have it all and say it all.

No two people are the same. Thus, some have a tendency to gain weight and not lose it through diet and exercise, others do not rather cannot, gain weight, no matter what they eat and whether or not they exercise. Which category an individual belongs to is determined by his or her genetic make-up.

Since the discovery of genes, continuous efforts have been made to elucidate and decode their functionalities to understand the cause or the origin of diseases. While experts still continue to study genes, a fair amount of light has been shed on the genetic factors responsible for disease development and progression, thus allowing scientists to design diagnostic and treatment tools employing this knowledge. From hypertension to cancer, our genes say more than we can understand.

Typically, certain diseases tend to run in the family and this ‘running’ is triggered by the genes inherited from the parents. While some diseases are apparent in fetal stages or shortly after birth, others like obesity don’t surface until later in the child’s life. Of course, the presence of genetic factors does not mandate the occurrence, but it does put the person at risk.

Fortunately, thanks to technological innovations, diagnostics in the genetics field have witnessed a revolution. Now, accurate and precise predictions about one’s health and well-being are possible, based on the genetic make-up of the person. Thus, genetics and weight loss have a direct link and genetic testing for weight loss is now a viable option for many across the world, allowing them to make an informed decision about their diet and lifestyle.

Weight management through genetic tests seems to be an effective and reliable option as one can know in advance, about weight gain possibilities and discuss with experts in the field about how one should avoid this through simple diet and exercise modifications.

Several centers across the world now cater to genetic testing for various conditions; Genetic Healing being one of them. With a team of experts dedicated to making your life healthy, in the literal sense, they offer genetic weight loss and management programs.

A simple test can go a long way. A visit to Genetic Healing’s counseling center can help you avoid weight gain even if your family history says otherwise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Also read about DNA Testing and Weight Loss Program

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