The field of genetics has been widely recognized by the scientific community since the 19th century. However, the study of genomes, their functions and their relationship with human health has been given importance only in recent times. With around 4000 diseases that can be inherited and other disorders that are at least partially dependent on a person’s genomes, this field of study cannot be sidelined any longer.

After the Human Genome Project was completed by an international panel of scientists in 2003, doctors around the world were able to look towards human genes for answers to diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer with limitless possibilities set in the future. With technological improvements, today the human genome can be sequenced in just a few days with ease.

Why Genomics is Important Today

It is cheaper and faster to study the human genome today than ever before. While it used to take years in the initial days, today the same process takes just a few days. This giant leap forward has drastically increased its importance in modern health care.

Coupled with a consultation by a genetics expert, a genomic report can tell a person about his current health issues, past health issues, and possibilities of future health issues, along with personalized medicine and treatments.

Innovation In Genomic Healthcare

While drug treatments based on genomics is currently in progress, screening and diagnostics are readily available to help people gauge their current health, make changes to diet and lifestyle, and take precautions if needed.

How Genetic Healing Can Help You

Genetic Healing is one of the foremost organizations in the country, that specializes in diagnostics and healthcare through the study of your genes. From patients who ail in bone or cardiac health, allergies or diabetes, to those who just want to improve their physical health conditions, Genetic healing has personalized solutions that aim well being at the most fundamental level. Book an appointment for a consultation, and get started on your journey towards an ailment free life.

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