In recent times the awareness about PCOS conditions has evolved rapidly. However, there is still a gap in addressing issues like future risk of PCOS due to ignorance. Though people know why it is important to take initiative at the early stage of PCOS, they should also know what if they won’t.

PCOS is a gynecological condition occurring due to hormonal imbalance and lifestyle mismanagement. According to various studies it is found that in India almost 1 in 5 female of childbearing age suffers from PCOS. In this article, we are highlighting the consequences of PCOS due to ignorance or late diagnoses.

Insulin resistance and diabetes risk: It is found that almost 60% of women with PCOS face obesity issues. The reason for this is not only BMI but also higher levels of insulin in the body. Till now many studies have been done which support the correlation of insulin resistance and PCOS. It is known that any alteration in insulin secretion will have a negative impact on the androgen secretion stimulated by luteinizing hormone. This is the reason that risks of type 2 diabetes also known as gestational diabetes are quite high among women with PCOS.

Hypertension and cardiovascular disease: The major reason for increased cardiovascular disease among women with PCOS is considered to be contributed by high insulin levels and impaired glucose intolerance. The dysfunctioning of the pancreatic beta-cell is often associated inversely with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) concentration which contributes to disorder in hormonal levels (Hyperandrogenism). There have been researches that suggest two common mechanisms by which insulin resistance leads to high cardiovascular risk in PCOS women. The atherogenic action is found to be the first mechanism while the negative impact due to adverse lipoprotein profile is considered to be the second common mechanism. Studies suggest that in women with PCOS serum triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein are altered negatively. Moreover, the levels of healthy high-density lipoproteins are suppressed leading to increased risk of disease.

Endometrial cancer: As the interest in understanding the future risk of PCOS is increasing much research has been conducted in support of it. The risk of endometrial cancer forms one of the common future risks due to ignorance of PCOS or associated signs and symptoms. A few of the main reasons considered to be contributing to endometrial cancer risk are prolonged ovulation which is responsible for altered hormonal secretion, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, infertility and more. Studies suggest that long term effects of the condition like endometrial hyperplasia can lead to adenocarcinoma. Though the precise estimates of occurrence are not yet known perfectly, it is estimated that almost 18% of hyperplasia cases if ignored lead to cancer.

As discusses above the risk future risk of PCOS does not only limit to mentioned points. There has been a lot of research going on to understand the impact in depth to gain better insights. However, it is known that if proactive management of PCOS condition or its symptoms is ignored for long can even lead to ovarian cancer, breast cancer and more. Thus, there exists a great need for scientific support to understand the complexity of PCOS and its management. As it is said precautions are better than cure, following a healthy lifestyle with necessary nutrition support can help to an extent. Adopting these safe strategies is important to help women protect themselves from the adverse menace of PCOS and live a healthy & happy life.

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