Congratulations — for reaching your target weight!

But wait! Now what? Is the journey finished? Obviously a big No!

Keeping your weight off and preventing the inching menace of weight regain should be your new mission. You must have seen many people who lost Kg’s of weight soon gain it back.

So, hold yourself up before jumping out for a cheesy pizza. Learning how your body metabolism changes and how it reacts to the new body changes can help in devising new ways of dealing the menace. On ground level there are certain genes which play crucial role in determining your weight regain tendencies.  So buckle up to know yourself more!

Your Hungry Brain…Most of the time when you are feeling hungry, it’s your brain which puts you in such a state. There exists a complex brain circuit which signals hungriness. The hypothalamus region of the brain plays crucial role in mediating your hunger. Once you lose weight by controlling you’re eating habits you are putting your body under starving state, to this our body responds in a different way. As soon as our body knows we are starving its starts storing food in the form of glycogen and subsequently fats to generate energy. The starving state reduces the overall body energy expenditure. The multiple signaling cascades later influences the perception of food intake and increases the hunger feeling.

Satiety Hormone…The loss of weight majorly influences hormonal balance, one such hormone is “Leptin” – also known as Satiety hormone. Due to less energy requirement the metabolic signaling pathway of brain involving leptin gets affected. Leptin levels increases in obese condition whereas post weight loss the leptin levels increases inducing increased satiety and hunger.

It’s in your genes…Post weight loss journey some people tend to gain weight drastically & the answer to this lies in your genes! Your genes govern who you are! Certain genes also known as Fat genes such as FTO & ADRB2-2 play crucial role in weight regains. FTO gene is involved in appetite regulation, energy expenditure. Energy intake and also contributes to heritance of1% BMI. FTO variation in response to fat intake contributes to higher satiety & higher obesity tendency.

Keeping your hunger in check can sort the weight regain issue. Taking food rich in protein and fibers, having less calorie dense food, proper sleep, reduced stress and regular physical activity (as simple as walking) can be a mantra to stay fit & fine. You can play around with certain tactics to trick your brain when hungry. Weigh regularly, have good diet, try to find healthy alternative food, keep cheat days to satisfy your cheesy cravings, binge fruits and in case of any help always seek an expert advice.

The science of nutrigenomics works on the principles of combinational understanding of genes and nutrition, can use for getting best results. Understand your body more by understanding your genes! Let your genes decide what is good for you and complement the bad with good nutrition. The most important thing at last is to change your mindset. From “losing weight” one should more focus to “avoid gaining weight”. Make the process slow rather than being drastic and remember “Being Consistent” is the key.

Any questions? Get a call.