What is Nutrigenomic Testing?

Nutrigenomics testing is a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics and molecular biology technology to study the interaction  between genes, nutrition, fitness and health.

Which sample is used for nutrigenomic testing?

Saliva sample is used for this testing.

Is the sample removal a painful process?

Not at all. it’s a simple non-invasive saliva collection method

What information is derived from the testing of the sample?

Nutrigenomic test can reveal various question based on person’s genetics-

  1. What and how much to eat
  2. When to eat
  3. What and how much to exercise
  4. When to exercise
  5. How to maintain healthy lifestyle
How often do I have to get this test done?

Only once in a lifetime. Your DNA does not change. Ever.

Can the results of my test be used to prepare diet and exercise plan for all my family members?

No. Every individual’s DNA is different (unless they are identical twins) and the results of every individual’s test is also different.

Can I give my sample if I am not feeling well?

Of course. Physical wellbeing has no bearing on the outcome of the test results.

Is my entire DNA analysed?

No. Only the relevant genes selected for the particular test panel are analysed.

What about confidentiality of my genetic data?

We have never and will never share your test data with anyone other than your counsellor and yourself. We never sell any genetic information to any third party for any reasons, whatsoever. The security and confidentiality of our client’s genetic information is our top priority.

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