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  1. “The same dietary advice cannot be good for everyone, because we are all different, This is why we have failed so miserably at controlling the obesity epidemic.” –  Eran Elinav, an immunologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.
  2. “The algorithm is similar to what Amazon uses to tell you which books you want to read, We just do it with food.” – Eran Segal, a computer scientist at the Weizmann Institute and co-author of the study.
  3. “That’s fine for roughly half the population that are fast metabolizers,” he said. “For the other half who have a variant of the CYP1A2 gene, any more than two cups per day will increase the risk of a heart attack and hypertension.”- Ahmed El-Sohemy, An associate professor and nutrigenomics researcher at the University of Toronto
  4. “I like to enjoy my food, That’s where I start.”- Dr. Mathers.
  5. “Qua Nutrition Clinic believes on the same lines of Gene Support; about bringing about a change in lifestyle by modifying diet of an individual as per his capacity and need for nutrition”- Ryan Fernando.
  6. “Dietary factors can act to stabilize the genome once genetic abnormalities have occurred. The traditional diet–genome approach has related protection to dietary lifestyle and germline genotype. Here we are discussing dietary interaction with the abnormal genome in potentially precancerous cells.” –Graeme Young, Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer.
  7. “Diet–gene interactions are highly complex and hard to predict, thus demonstrating the need for highly controlled genotypes and environmental conditions that allow for identifying different regulatory patterns based on diet and genotype. The challenges we now face may ultimately require a nutrigenomics project on the scale of the Human Genome Project in order to identify genes that cause or promote chronic disease and the nutrients that regulate or influence the activity of these genes.” – Jim Kaput, FDA National Center for Toxicological Research
  8. “The implication here is that anyone with this genotype should be rigorously attentive to their diet and lifestyle, These individuals should avoid smoking and alcohol while undertaking exercise and eating a diet low in saturated fat. Nonetheless, at present, very few people are aware of their APOE genotype.” – Ferguson. “

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