DNA Testing for Genetic Diseases

DNA Testing For Genetic Diseases

Genetic diseases are on the rise. While there are many factors responsible for this alarming numbers – population mixing due to globalization, environmental factors, etc. – conventional medical science isn’t capable of treating these conditions. However, prior knowledge can, to an extent, help you prevent the disease, or arm you, as potential parents, with the knowledge of the condition that might affect you or your future children.

The simplest way to find out these risks is through DNA testing for genetic diseases. A simple, saliva-based test identifies mutations in genes that might cause an abnormality in the structure and/or function of the human body. Mutations are abnormalities in the sequence of the DNA. When the gene sequence is wrong, the protein that the gene is meant to make is faulty. Proteins are structural and functional units of a cell. Faulty proteins will in turn give rise to fault in the physiological functions of the cells and eventually, the entire body.

DNA testing for genetic diseases will identify specific gene sequences that can be mutated and help plan for the future. Currently, there are many tests that can identify a variety of genetic diseases. Pune based Genetic Healing is one of the pioneers of genetic testing in India. It also offers predictive gene testing for a variety of diseases. This means that it offers tests that can, to a great extent, help in predicting the risks of an imminent health condition. The test is simple, non-invasive, painless and identifies major mutations connected with the disease condition.

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