DNA Testing and Weight Loss Program (Genetic Healing)

DNA testing and weight loss (GH)

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Our evolution and subsequent advancement into a finer race come at a hefty price – our health. Daily routines, droning hours at the office and a tiresome evening at home, not to mention the targets and goals that we must achieve; all contribute to our ill-health. The world has become a rat race, where competition lingers 24×7.

Leisure, relaxation, and rest have become rare within our daily lives. While we strive to succeed, we forget what it is to relax and stop for a bit, to clear our head. Stress is the primary culprit that robs us of our health; so much so that diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions and mental illnesses like depression, irritability, and mood swings are finding their way into our bodies much earlier than expected.

While this is true, it is interesting to note that a predisposition to these conditions increases the chances of developing lifestyle-related illnesses and complaints. From the physical traits to whether or not we are likely to develop a disease, everything is written in our DNA. Since its discovery, DNA has been the most sought-after topic of research. With the completion of the Human Genome Project, experts and scientists were able to understand the ‘root’ of diseases in the literal sense; and also come up with diagnostic and treatment strategies.

Technological evolution happened and is still happening, at an exponential rate. With a simple DNA test, you can now prevent, or at least postpone the occurrence and severity of diseases. A multidisciplinary approach and contribution from all fields have now made it a reality in DNA diagnostics. From determining how one’s body will metabolize drugs, through IVF and cancer, DNA has it all.

Nutrigenomics is a science that studies how certain foods influence our DNA. Combining this with DNA-based diagnostics to determine the likelihood of developing a particular disease and we have a whole new approach towards disease management.

Weight loss seems like a challenge for most of us these days, as our professions demand us to sit in one position for prolonged hours. Lethargy and laziness take us over and weekends are spent binging in front of the television or the laptop, running sitcom and movie marathons, accompanied by unhealthy foods. While the effects are not visible immediately, our lifestyle choices are the reason we put on weight; and losing weight is much more difficult than gaining it, as it involves physical activity.

The tendency to gain weight can also be a trait that runs in our family. So, how do we know whether our DNA can help us with weight loss? The answer is simple – by undergoing an easy DNA test for weight loss. These tests require a small sample of a substance like a saliva that contains your DNA. Upon analysis by the experts, you have your answer!

Various centers and companies offer such DNA – weight loss programs and one such is Genetic Healing. With a host of tests and services to choose from, Genetic Healing offers their expertise not just on testing, but also on subsequent steps like guidance by nutrition experts who chart out a diet and an exercise regimen to postpone and even avoid weight gain.

So, don’t worry about family history, take a simple DNA test and bid adieu to the extra fat!

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