India has slowly accepted the concept of physical activity and exercise. The importance of having a healthy body has been highlighted as a result of the shortcomings in the daily routine. They have an adverse effect on the body. Physical fitness is beneficial for everyone. However, it those who are suffering from diabetes that benefits the most from exercise.

Out of the many, there are three exercises that are often prescribed for those suffering from type-2 diabetes.

Aerobics Exercises

The aerobic exercise is carried out at varying intensity levels. This excessive is irrespective of in which condition you are. This exercise is known for being the ‘fat burning’. This is because the body starts using the stored fat as a fuel after just 20 minutes of workout. A regular schedule of aerobics will boost up the metabolism and as a result of which, the body uses more calories even when at rest.

Aerobics is all about the duration than the intensity. In the case of a beginner, a low-intensity training is recommended. A 30-minute moderate intensity activity such as brisk walking or swimming can be of great help in burning calories. It is advised that to understand the breathing and the rate at which the heart rate speeds up. In case if you gasp and are unable to speak up, a short break of 1-2 minutes is essential to getting back.

Once you are suitable for the moderate level training, one can go ahead with the vigorous training. Consult your doctor before starting the exercise.

Strength Training

After getting accustomed to the aerobics, the resistance training or strength training is one exercise that you should not miss. This training gives you effective muscles. The training is also beneficial for maintaining healthy bones. Strength training is much essential for those suffering from type 2 diabetes. These people require a large quantity of glucose.

Weight training is another technique that falls into the category of strength training. The simplest of the weight training is simple pull-up and push-ups. In case if the weight training with the help of equipment, the knowledge of how to use them is very essential.

However, before the resistance training, some basic warming up exercises that includes flexibility exercises are necessary. A set of 8-10 exercises with variations that include all major muscle groups is helpful for the body. Weight lifting can be carried out for 20-30 minutes for twice or thrice a week.


HIIT is the abbreviation for High- Interval Intensity Training. This is believed to be the most popular of the exercise for burning fat and having a slim body. The afterburn is considered to be the main benefits of diabetes. A set of rigorous exercises for a specific time that includes a resting period in between comprise of the HIIT.

HIIT is implemented to improve the existing fitness of the body, lose weight faster. However, warm-up and cooling periods are necessary to reduce the risk of injury.

These exercises if effectively implemented will help you to have a healthy body.

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