We are one of best genetic testing companies in Pune, India.

Genetic Healing is one of the premier genetic testing companies in India. Based in Pune, the company is a pioneer in bringing cutting edge genetic testing to the consumers. The company has state of the art lab that has been recognized by the government of India. Genetic Healing offers a variety of tests that are research-backed. These tests have helped thousands of people on their path to good health and lasting wellness.

1. Sample collection from home

The DNA-based tests offered by Genetic Healing require a painless sample collection process. Usually, a simple saliva swab is enough. We have created a kit for sample collection. Any individual can collect his or her own sample using easy instructions on the kit. Once the sample has been collected, our representative will come to your home for a collection of the sample kit. In case blood is needed, you can call our representative and he will arrive at your home and you can give the sample in the cosy confines of your home.

2. All up-to-date tracking data

From the time the first call is made to a customer right till the report is delivered, all relevant data is tracked for efficient processing. There is zero chance of data mismatch due to labeling errors as well use the latest technology for tracking samples and analysis reports. We also respect the privacy of your data and your reports exchange the minimum amount of hands so as to keep your reports secure. Compartmentalization of your personal data is done so as to ensure that no data leaks or misuse of your personal information is done.

3. Major counseling (after report generation)

Unlike many other companies that offer genetic testing services, we not only analyze your DNA and simply generate a report, but an expert Nutrigenomic Counselor (NGC) will have the counseling session with you to help you understand your report and what steps you should take to ensure good health and wellness. The NGC will create a Master Diet Chart for you depending upon your report. After understanding your current dietary habits and lifestyle, the NGC will create a customized diet and exercise regimen for you to follow.

4. Free follow-ups

Once the report is generated and the individual has undergone counseling, we also offer free follow-ups to help you in your quest for good health. We also address any problems and challenges you might be facing in the pursuit of wellness. We give you tips and motivation to help you stick to the plan. We also assess your progress and help you address your pain points.

5. Free diet chart changes in the future

In case you have trouble sticking to a diet plan or we have a better alternative to what we have suggested, we offer free diet chart changes in the future. These changes will be based on discussions with you and the problems you face or new information that we have which will have an impact on your health.

6. Application-based notifications

All customers will be given access to a mobile app. This app will have all the relevant information pertaining to your test, your analysis report and your customized plan. You will receive relevant notifications that will act as a gentle hand-holding for you to stick to your plan.

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