The ApoESupport panel analyses the ApoE gene in the body. This gene codes for a protein called apolipoprotein E. This protein combines with lipids (fats) in the body to form “lipoproteins.” One of the major functions of lipoproteins is to package cholesterols and other fats and carry them through the bloodstream. Apolipoprotein E is a major constituent of a highly specific group of lipoproteins called very low-density lipoproteins, or VLDLs. VLDLs are responsible for removing cholesterols from the blood and taking them to the liver for breakdown. It is widely known that maintaining normal levels of cholesterol is absolutely vital for protection against cardiac conditions, like heart attack and stroke.

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We care about our clients, who once upon a time had several health related issues, but after taking genetic tests from Genetic Healing they observe tremendous improvements. They always want to share their experiences so can knowledge others and help us improve. If you are one among them who got results and having some suggestions kindly write us at feedback@genetichealing.in

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Doctors are believed to be life saver, thats what they do. Nutrigenomics is an emerging science and before starting any tests we took their opinion about Genetics and Nutrigenomics, as we believe any thing should be done only if we need it and same is applicable for ‘A Genetic test’. Doctors believe that genetics is the root cause of most of health issues we have. So here are some of their opinion. If you are a Doctor and have an opinion about Nutrigenomics kindly write us at feedback@genetichealing.in

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We should always know about the people we are going to get the service from and here we have a known panel of experts on our board, they have been working in the field of Nutrigenomics and medicine for several years. Few of them are considered as pioneer of their fields. To know more about them kindly click here.

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Genetic test is done by using saliva sample. All we need is you address where we ship the sample collection kit. You need to give your saliva which is taken back to our lab and processed. After the process completed we provide you with a detailed report that explains your diet charts and lifestyle modifications. Which is followed by counsellings by our experts

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The APOE gene is a promising target for therapeutic approaches to Alzheimer’s, says a researcher, describing new work.

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