To meet the hunger needs of the world’s growing population, farmers and cattle ranchers are implementing numerous techniques to increase food production. For instance, cows are injected with synthetic hormones like estrogen and testosterone to increase milk quantity. More milk means more dairy products like cheese, curd, butter, etc, which constitute the main part of the diet for most people.

However, due to the consumption of food consisting of these external hormones have certain adverse effects on humans, especially women. Here, in this blog, you will know those effects and what care you should take to avoid them:

  • Early signs of puberty

It’s not a surprising fact that girls all over the world are hitting puberty at an early age. When compared to the last generations, girls these days are getting periods sooner than expected. Though many factors contribute to this result, one of the main reasons is the higher intake of additives, chemicals and artificial hormones from the various food sources. Thus, when we consume milk and other dairy products, we are receiving hormones other than that are produced in the human body. Although the amount is fractional, continued intake of these synthetic hormones will impact body functionality, leading to certain irrevocable changes such as early puberty age.

  • Higher risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a common type of cancer in women. The risk of which is increased due to constant exposure to artificial factors such as additives and hormones. As these hormones are released in cattle’s entire lifetime, you are also subjected to the continued intake of the synthetic hormone. Whether in the form of meat or dairy products, your body will have more hormones (estrogen) which are produced both naturally and artificially.

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

PCOS occurs when there is an imbalance in metabolic functioning due to altered hormonal levels. So, when your body had excess amounts of estrogen that has come in the form of synthetic hormones, it might lead to the imbalance, which ultimately results in PCOS. Due to this condition, your body develops extra hair on your skin, which is termed as hirsutism, which leads to excess weight gain, acne, and other symptoms associated with PCOS.

  • Pregnancy loss

The presence of synthetic hormones in our food intake is an indirect factor of pregnancy loss. You will find that women suffering from PCOS have higher chances of miscarriage than women who don’t. Now, you already read how synthetic hormones might result in PCOS that’s mentioned in the previous point. This rise of hormones in the body causes alteration in the metabolic pathways due to the imbalance created. This affects the natural reproductive cycle wherein different hormones play a critical role. The resultant imbalance impacts the ovulation and other associated stages in the maturation of egg leading to abrupt pregnancy loss.

Other effects:

It is said that these synthetic chemicals might also cause obesity and overweight conditions in women. Though the amount of external hormones is only fractional when compared to the naturally produced hormones, the continued exposure will show negative effects gradually.

Care you should take:

Reading the points above, you may think to stop consuming milk and other dairy products. However, it’s not plausible. Instead, you can do certain changes in your lifestyle such as maintaining a healthy diet, keeping a check on your weight, making exercise as part of your routine, etc. Doing this will lower the risks of negative effects caused by synthetic hormones in women.

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